We are well into 2016, spring is just around the corner and God is on His throne! Our thoughts recently have been on, “Growing Strong in Christ”. We like the apostle Paul must choose obedience to experience the potential of life. When Paul met Jesus, lying blind on the ground was told to get up go into the city and you will be told what to do. At that point Paul chose obedience and the rest is history, or better yet his story.  Disobedience is a robber, a thief and we can defeat both by obeying.

Just what do you need to deal with in the area of disobedience? Neutrality is sin, not choosing you have already chose, so what is it for you?

1, Salvation: think about it this way, how has Jesus changed your life, have all the layers been peeled away so God can have all of you? Do you desire and enjoy obeying?

2. Does your external presentation match your internal condition? Many times we learn to show outwardly but not have inwardly what is needed to back it up. We just keep living a lie. It’s time to be honest and obey.

3. Worship? Does God have your undivided attention during Worship? Are you in Awe of God as you approach Him in Worship? Are you giving to God or just desiring from God?

God wants those who no matter the cost, the outcome or consequences obey Him totally!

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