I’m teaching on Discipleship in our Life Group. The Christian fails in Discipleship when he/she fails to pursue Holiness. Holiness is an essential part of the Christians life. 1 Peter 1:13-25¬†gives us some direction in this area.

1. We must have a disciplined mind:13 “Gird up the lions of your mind”.

Center your thoughts, recognize the things that want control of your thinking. Look and keep looking at the life of Christ and the return of Christ, which are to motivate you to live pure.

2. Balance your thinking:13 “be sober”. Be calm, steady, controlled.

Be spiritually balanced by weighing things out!

3. Reveal the nature of your Father: 14-15

God has given the believer His Divine nature! You inherited His nature just as you inherited the nature of your earthly parents. Nature determines appetite and actions. All we do is to be done for the Glory of God, if it can’t be it’s sin!

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